What is the inductance of this pogo pinED10872-ND

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Welcome to the forum. I’m not able to find this information . I’ll send a request to see if this information is available and post as soon as I get it.

A pogo pin is basically just a short straight piece of single conductor wire from an electrical perspective.

Like any short straight piece of single conductor wire, the capacitance and inductance are both virtually zero.

The miniscule resistance of the pogo pin changes based on the short total length change from extended to compressed. But that tiny resistance change is nearly unmeasurable, probably nano-ohms.

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For many (perhaps most) purposes I’d agree, though with modern interconnect protocols reaching into GHz territory an asterisk may be warranted.

One does not speak of the inductance or capacitance of a component itself in this context, because in this context these characteristics are parasitic, and dependent on the physical implementation of the circuit.

One does not achieve current flow through a conductor without providing a return path, creating a closed circuit (circle). The larger the area enclosed by that circuit, the greater the parasitic inductance. Going up one pin and back down an adjacent one would probably add a fraction of a nanohenry compared to two overlapping traces on a piece of FR4.

Bogatin’s Signal Integrity Simplified in any of its editions is an excellent resource for cultivating one’s intuition in this area.

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Absolutely, thanks for adding the asterisk and excellent explanation.

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