Need replacement power supply for van90a-120b


I need to find a replacement for a fairway electronic power supply model: van90a-12b. 12v—6.67a

Pictures attached.

Hello @Darckley

Welcome back to Digi-Key’s TechForum and thank you for your inquiry. I found some similar power supplies with the same ratings, but I don’t see any with that same output connector. Do you know what specific output connector that Fairway supply has? Click here to view the options of similar specifications to the VAN90A-12B. Once we can identify that output connector, we may be able to find some other possible options.


Hi Brock,

Thanks for the recommendations.

I don’t actually know what type of connector it is. Just that it has 2 prongs and small bump for proper orientation. We are open to cutting this one off and wiring it to the new power supply but we aren’t sure what the positive or negative side is. We should be able to figure it out though.