Need Some guidance in a project

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a project that requires interconnect cable assemblies, and I’m hoping to gather some insights from the community here. I’m particularly interested in understanding the latest trends and advancements in interconnect technology.

Could anyone recommend reliable suppliers or share their experiences with specific cable assemblies they’ve used recently? I’m also curious about any challenges or considerations I should keep in mind when selecting interconnect cable assemblies for my application.

Could you please guide me in this.

Thanks in advance!

Hello emma02,

This is a wonderfully complex topic. Kindly provide more information about your specific application. For example, we should consider vibration, water intrusion, and the contact degradation from repeated connect and disconnect cycles.

Production volume is another consideration. The tools and techniques used for a small production run are different than those used for a high volume. There are very important time and workforce considerations especially when we move to reduce worker injury due to repeated motions.

As a general answer to your question, please consider all wire connection as part of a system. Each component must be matched to every other component for long life and low resistance. It’s important to match the wire to the connection and the connection to the thing being connect to. We must also match the crimp tool to the connection. A useful video is appended to this note.

Looking forward to your response so that we can provide an improved answer targeted to your application.

Best Wishes,