Need terminal part number

In search of PN for these terminals, male or female whatever I can get I’m sure I can find the mating part if I at least get one side.


We would need the housing part number the terminals go into to find the terminals shown. This is the only way to find terminals. Theer are no generic terminals . They are meant to go to specific housings they are desined for. Sorry. This is the only way we have to search for this type of product.

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what is the housing part number? what is the AWG cable you need it looks like you looking for 2 different series.

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Yes, it’s 2 different gauges both pins are on the same connector. However I’m not showing a part number on the housing.

So the pink wire from the first post appears to be 16awg and the blue wire 18awg

this is dynamic series.

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Wow thank you so much for the quick and helpful answer! Much appreciated

Actually I was able to find the housing,
|Digi-Key Part Number|670-2301-ND||
|Manufacturer|JAE Electronics||
|Manufacturer Product Number|MX34C24SFA|

The housing is not TE Conn


any update to the contacts/pins for this? 670-2301-ND its the Digi-key part number.


Part number
M34S75C4F1 is what is lisetd on the website for that housing on this link: M34S75C4F1 JAE Electronics | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

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No, that product is for use with the 28pin according to the website.
Thanks in advance


Sorry. I did not find any other options on the website listed. This is the only one.