NEMA L6-30P Male Spade Connector PCB

Hello - Been googling for a while, was hoping to identify a part number or source for NEMA L6-30P Male Spade Connector for PCB Mount. The NEMA L6-30P is a Twist Lock connection, and am needing to do a custom PCB with the MALE spades mounted in the PCB. Anyone know where to find one?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I wasn’t able to find any PC board mount options of this plug but since you’re doing a custom board maybe you can work one of these into it,

I’d imagine a PCB-mountable L6-30P to be something of a rare item for a variety of reasons; it’s less common than the NEMA 5, plugs by convention are usually the more mobile/free hanging half of a connector pair, the mechanical considerations would be a bit troublesome/sketchy, etc.

As suggested above, a panel-mounted connector with wire interface to a PCB is an approach that’s likely to have more off-the-shelf options.