Need right-angle card-mount PTH 3-pin male XLR jacks

If you carry such a part, functionally similar (but not necessarily interchangeable with) to the Neutrik NC3MAHor NC3MAH-S at Mouser, I can’t find anything on the Digi website by searching “XLR” under Connectors

Searched XLR connector Click here XLR

Quick reply, and more results than I found, but none seem to be PC board mount like the Neutrik part I referenced; Search criteria doesn’t list that option:
dunno if that screen clip of “mounting type” will show up for you…

though hole is calling out though the board as surface mount is mounted on the surface of a board

1937-1145-ND looks like it could work though the “datasheet link” lacks a dimension drawing for PCB mounting. Need is for a potential 25-piece project 6 months out, so no rush
Thanks for the help

The mounting type of the referenced parts would be “Panel Mount, Through Hole, Right Angle” in DK parlance; there are mounting features present designed to fasten the connector to an panel or enclosure wall as opposed to hanging loose, the electrical contacts are designed to protrude through holes in a PCB, and the mating connector contacts form a right angle with the contacts that affix the connector to a PCB.

Such products would generally be found classified as “circular connector assemblies” because the connector body is circular rather than rectangular in shape, and incorporates built-in electrical contacts, rather than housings and contacts being sold as separate items.

Products matching this general description can be found here.

OK Rick thanks for the detailed follow-up. I can usually find what I need by DK search but this one evaded me. Have a good day