No Display when connected UDOO X86 by HDMI

Sometimes it can be confusing when there is no display when connecting to your UDOO x86 Single Board Computer (SBC) via HDMI. Let’s have a look at a connection between HDMI and UDOO x86.


HDMI cables are very important. If there is no common ground (GND) between UDOO x86 and the display, you won’t get any display. This is a common issue with a number of SBC’s and low quality HDMI cables. All UDOO SBCs with HDMI may have similar issues.

How to fix this issue:

  1. Using HDMI-certified cables are recommended. From [UDOO x86 document],
    “Heads up! Always use HDMI-certified cables for the connection between the board and the HDMI display; a category 2 (High-Speed) cable is recommended for higher resolutions, category 1 cables can be used for 720p resolution.”

  2. The simple fix: If the customer’s Display has USB ports, the UDOO x86 can be connected to one of the USB ports from the Display by USB cable.

Other UDOO SBCs like AdvanceD Thermofuse Series; Basic Series; NEO Series ; Ultra Series, may have this same issue too, with the same solution.