No RFID tag detected, Mercury®6e M6E-Nano Read/Write Evaluation Board

i purchased the Mercury®6e M6E-Nano Read/Write Evaluation Board and followed the demo instructions for interconnects to both the arduino and a direct connection to serial connection. the board turns on, and i receive the serial message indicating that the board is scanning for a tag, but no tag is detected. i am using standard NTAG215 NFC Tags that have worked well with an iphone nfc reader.

I am trying to determine if the board is defective or if the tags are not supported?

Hello neal - welcome to the Forum community! Can you tell me which of these two parts you are working with? I don’t have the answer to your question, but I can forward it to the proper Product Specialist for assistance. They are not in the office today, nor are our Applications Engineers, but will be here tomorrow.

i figured out the issue. the NTAG215 is not supported by the mercury board. i purchased the supported tags and everything is working

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