KIT-15209 RFID Reader - DataLogger Compatibility

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Is this kit compatible with the SparkFun DataLogger IoT board?

Hello, Thank you for your inquiry and welcome to the community.

SparkFun lists the compatible Qwiic products tested with the SparkFun DataLogger IoT board PN: DEV-22462

KIT-15209 is not listed among the compatible boards.

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Ok. So my follow-up question is this:
I purchased the Datalogger IoT RFID/NFC kit (KIT-24058) which comes with the datalogger and an NFC tag (SEN-21274).
How are the two kit components meant to work together?

I’m getting the impression the NFC/RFID Tag is meant to hook up to the DataLogger’s Qwiic connection and have it’s addresses programmed via a Qwiic cable, and then be used with the NFC Tap app or wakev’s NFC Tools app utilizing a smart phone or separate ISO/IEC 15693 13.56 MHz RFID Read/Write module.

That would be cool.
I can’t see any functionality in the datalogger menu to facilitate that. Am I missing something?

I checked the example sketches on the DataLogger_IoT’s Github page I didn’t see that they have an example sketch that utilizes the NFC/RFID Tag.

They’re likely expecting you to install the available Arduino Library which has been tested with ESP32 platforms.