No Serial Port Created by Maker Board

I am working on the Getting Started with the Microsemi SmartFusion 2 Maker-Board.
I have done everything a couple of times with different versions of Softconsole.
Debug seem to work fine with 5.1 and 4.0 but when I open a terminal program, it cannot find any serial port other than the FlashPro5 Port.
I see the spinning leds on the board but i am not sure the other 2 tasks are working and i can’t send any AT commands to ESP8266.

There should be four serial ports created by the board. The SmartFusion’s UART is connected to the third FlashPro port.


This is not an answer, that is what tutorial says but i am saying there is no serial port with my implementation. Question is what can cause this. FreeRTOS version? Libero version? I m using libero 11.9 and freertos 9

You said the FlashPro port was still present so it was unclear which ports you were seeing.

The serial ports are created by the FTDI chip on the board. If that chip is working properly, it will enumerate with 4 COM ports on the host computer regardless of how the SmartFusion is programmed. This implies that either there is a communication problem (probably with the host drivers) or a problem with the IC itself.

Did the drivers install correctly? Does anything show up in Device Manager with an error?

Sorry for the unclear explanation.
There is not any error in the device manager.
There is only one FlashPro5 Port when i connect the board to the PC.
I also have the Creative board and it also show only one FlashPro Port when connected.
How can I check the drivers are installed correctly or FTDI chip is working correctly?

Just to clarify, there are no other devices present in Device Manager when you are able to see the one FlashPro port? Not necessarily COM ports, but unknown devices, anything that the other ports may have been incorrectly assigned to?

When you reinstalled the drivers did you do it manually or let Windows do it automatically? The drivers should be available in your Libero installation directory for manual installation.

Since you mentioned that uninstalling the driver causes four unknown devices to show up, I think we can rule out the hardware being the problem and that the driver installation process is the issue. It’s not clear to me why exactly you’re losing the other 3 ports though.

Actually i checked it now and there are 4 usb fp5 serial converter when i plug the device.

Thank you for your answer, it was enough for the solution.
When i right click and open the properties of the USB FP5 Serial Converter A there was an option “Load VCP” in the advanced tab. This option was checked only for Converter C.
When i checked it for all of them and unplug - reinserted the device, all ports were under Ports (COM & LPT)
The FlashPro5 port that i already seen was the UART port.
The baud rate however shown as 9600 not 115200. You need to change it to 115200 to communicate with the board.