SmartFusion2 Maker-Board

Hi everybody,

I bought the Digi-Key SmartFusion2 Maker Kit and I am testing connection of Ethernet.
Has anyone used the ethernet mac driver implemented in smart fusion2 to connect to the ethernet?
Please teach me how to connect to Ethernet.
I searched for the reference manual and documents, but I couldn’t find any reference manuals.

Development environment:
FreeRTOS 9
SoftConsole v4.0
Libero Soc v11.8

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum, t.hayashi-ts !
Click Here for the web page for 1100-1288-ND. This has links for the Datasheet, Product Brief and the Quick Start Guide.
If one of the Engineers on the TechForum has used this board, maybe they can add to this post with detailed directions.