Norton's virus scan stops iot studio from loading

when I try to load the DK IOT studio, Norton’s says the setup is unsafe and deletes it.

Any workarounds for this?

How to proceed when working around a false positive AV report depends on multiple factors.

The first consideration is whether it is happening during/right after an installation or after a system reboot when you launch the program.

If it’s happening during/right after an installation then frequently you can temporarily disable the AV, run the installer, and then reboot the PC.

If the installation and reboot cycle go okay and it’s happening when you launch the program it gets much more complicated and AV brand specific.

Here’s Norton’s starting page for troubleshooting these problems.

That page recommends the Norton support community and it’s virtually certain the help you get there will be faster and better than elsewhere.

Hi @robertl. I downloaded Norton’s Anti-Virus software to test with the DK IoT Studio but I didn’t have any issues. I emailed IoT Studio partner to see if they have heard of this before. I will let you know what I hear back from them.

Hi @robertl. Our partner has not heard of anyone else having issues. I would recommend following @PaulHutch’s advice. Thank you.