Not able to locate RTL file and makefile


I want to use the RT linux for my project. so i was trying a sample program. But few error i can’t build the code. below i given my step

First i prepared the RT linux patch from below link, here i choose “For am33x-rt-v5.4 (Longterm 5.4.x + Real-Time Linux):” kernel

RT linux was booting i can able to run simple program such as thread. And i cross check in .menu config also High resolution timer was enabled.

then i downloaded the linux-headers -$(uname -r)

Once the simple program work i was trying the RT linux example from below link

to compile the above program i need, rtl.h …I checked in whole directory ,not able to find.

there is some script called “rtl-config”, which generate the , i can’t able to find that file too

Refer rtl-config in link:

I want to locate

Let me anyone have done this, thanks in advance.


Hi @vairamhcet, sadly while the name is very similar “RTLinux” vs “Real-Time Linux” it is a completely different project…

There is no relation between the “Real-Time Linux” kernel you are booting on the BeagleBone Black and the “RTLinux” project you are trying to utilize from & websites.

The “RTLinux” project was discontinued by Wind River in 2011:

All the instructions you’ve found on are out of date and do not apply to the “Real Time Linux” kernel.

Where as the “Real Time Linux” project is an active project around mainline PREEMPT_RT:

Short answer, even if you find an “” it will NOT work with “Real-Time Linux”…

To write “Real Time Linux” applications follow these application guides on the wiki


Thanks @RobertCNelson,

Your answer was helpful, i got the difference between the RTlinux and Real time kernel.

I will look into the documentation link which shared.