Obsolete Parts - In Need of Replacements

I’m looking for a suitable replacement for 2 obsolete parts:

  1. 744C083101JP CTS Resistor Products | Resistors | DigiKey
  • There’s is no recommended substitute listed
  1. NMH1209SC Murata Power Solutions Inc. | Power Supplies - Board Mount | DigiKey
  • The recommended substitute, MEJ2D1209SC, is close, it’s just that pins 5,6,7 are needed in the 4,5,6 position to match the through holes in our circuit boards.

Please advise.

Hello Kfarr,
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Cross for 744C083101JP
Please review options we have available in alternative package case styles.

2012, Convex, Long Side Terminals

1206 (3216 Metric), Concave, Long Side Terminals

Cross NMH1209SC
The options I have found unfortunately did not match the same pin spacing.
Listed 9V DC DC Converters | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Let me know if you have any further questions
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