Olinuxino Lime A10 - Change resolution HDMI -

Is there a tutorial to change the hdmi resolution to 480p or 720p. With the new bullseye version I don’t see any script, and the resolution is fixed at 1080p, so it can’t work well.

Hi @fhersete edit extlinux.conf and add the paramter you want:



Replace VGA-1 with the node name found under /sys/class/drm


Thanks Robert, but it’s for the version of the official olimex page, I don’t have extconf in boot, I can only vary with bootargs.

I have compiled your distribution with kernel 5.4-5.10 and 5.15, I got it to work, but I can’t interact with the keyboard, it doesn’t work for me, it’s a logitech k400 usb wireless. It happens to me with all 3 kernels, and I think I’ve done the step-by-step compilation correctly, I’ve already done it other times with other boards and all of them worked, except for the olimex a10.

You can add the video option to the bootargs variable.


I wonder if the usb driver used changed? Sorry i don’t regular test the A10 family as much as i use too…

I have fixed it by adding in uEnv


Thanks very much Robert!! Greetings