Omron 2-Year H5S-YB2-X and H5S-YB2D-X complex timer setting

Good day everyone,

We’ve been looking to get some confirmation on whether it’s possible to program the Omron Yearly 2-circuit Model H5S-YB2-X(100-240 VAC) or H5S-YB2D-X(24 VDC) timer to run the following example setting;

Switch on from 10 AM to 12 PM everyday for 60 days, and then automatically switch to only Monday every week for 1 hour from 3 PM to 4 PM past the 60th day.. for three weeks, then after that, once every month on Tuesday for 1 hour from 6 PM to 7 PM.. for 6 months. In a single setting.

In the product datasheet Digital Time Switch H5S, some examples hint at the possibility to achieve such complex setting (page 14 to 26), but we’d like to be sure. No one in our company is experienced enough with timers, so we’d need to put in more time reading and understanding the manual. An expert’s help can greatly speed up this process.

Thanks in advance!

Hello engTBR,

As I understand your specifications within the context of the Omron Digital Time Switch, you have described three “seasons” with 60, 21, and an undefined day length. I’ll assume there is similar repetition for each year.

Based on the H5S options. I would recommend the “4” models such as this 24 VDC option:

Be sure to verify appropriate voltage and mounting for your application. You can select from models: H5S-YB4-X, H5S-YB4D-X, H5S-YFB4-X, and H5S-YFB4D-X.

The 4-circuit module allow bank switching for each season with user defined start and stop dates. The 4-circuit module also allows the greatest flexibility for future expansion.

Should you desire additional flexibility, you may want to consider a full PLC. The disadvantage is the need to learn to program the device via a PC.

Please let us know if we can assist in the future,

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P.S. From the datasheet:

Up to four seasons can be set for 4-circuit models, and up to two seasons for 2-circuit models.