Omron digital counter replacement

I have a Soco double end chamfering machine that I recently purchased. The machine came with an Omron H7CX-A4D-N counter that has been beat up. I am looking to replace this piece with the Omron H7CC-AD but noticed that there is an external power supply terminal which the H7CX model does not have. The H7CX model also has an internal connection between terminals 1 and 6 that the newer model does not have.

My question is, if I purchase the Omron H7CC-AD, will I be able to hook it up the same way as the old one or should I not bother and get the same model it had before.

Hello noahc,

This is a classic question involving industrial and automation equipment.

You are correct, the Omron H7CX-A4D-N appears to be at or near the end of its lifecycle. Please help me with the part number. Based on my understanding of this datasheet the H7CX-4AD-N requires an external 12 to 24 VDC power supply. Perhaps I am misinterpreting the datasheet as there are many derivative part numbers. Perhaps I misunderstand your questions.

Please verify the full part number.


Now, to address your specific question. It’s complicated and I cannot provide a full answer, but I can give you some things to consider.

Suppose the part was a physical drop-in-replacement. That is only the beginning. You still need to:

  • program the device
  • debug any unexpected operations
  • recommission the machine
  • train your operators and technicians
  • update your technical publications including any wire diagrams and programming procedures

These considerations may or may not be important for your application. However, I hope you will agree that modifying a machine isn’t always a simple procedure.

On the plus side, once the machine is updated with the new part. You will likely be able to obtain replacement parts for another decade.

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Since there are 3 of the original part available @ Digi-Key and upgrading to a newer model is creating confusion. I’d use the original model and worry about an upgrade in 20 years when the replacement part fails and is no longer available.

I’m assuming that since you’re asking here, the intellectual challenge of redesigning for a different part is not the major focus of this upgrade.