Omron PLC still serviceable?

Hi, we have a large install of ventilation equipment in the field that is no longer working which is automated by an Omron PLC type SYSMAC CJIG CPU 43H.

I have no experience with Omron PLC programming or hardware but now trying to evaluate this install on the basis of:

  1. Is the PLC serviceable and new replacements available
  2. If Query 1 is yes can I find a programmer in the north east of England to help upload the program and take a look at what the problems are on site?

Any help with this project would be really appreciated.

Hello @ian.rae

It looks like that PLC was made obsolete back in 2012 and will be hard to find. Omron did recommend a replacement in part CJ2M-CPU13

As far as a programmer I could offer you to look at our Design Service providers however, it is more likely you could find someone locally who has PLC knowledge and could program this for you.


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Thank you Robert for your fast response.
Is the replacement part likely to be available for the next say 5-10 years please? Is it also compatible with the other items in our current comms:
DA08 V

We are going to eventually propose a huge overhaul of this site on ventilation hardware and control so it would be poor of me to propose a significant cost to the client as a whole with a short life span product replacement at the heart.
Any comments would be very helpful.

Thank you

Hello @ian.rae
The part is currently active and at this time it is not showing any end-of-life information. Unfortunately, that is all we generally know about the life of a part. That could change in a week or it could be 10 years. Most products don’t have an End of Life plan until they are within a 6-12 month window of stopping production.

From the specs, it appears that the suggested replacement will be comparable to the old product and should work with the same products. Here is a link to the datasheet if you want your tech/programmer to verify compatibility.


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Thank you Robert,

Sorry for so many questions and but a few more pls?
What would be the current programmer software and is this likely to be backward compatible with an uploaded program from our site dated 2011/2012?
Also is there any learning resource for configuration and programming available please?

Thanks you have been a great help.


It looks like you would not be able to run the old program as the old system appears to be using CX-Server or FinsGateway which I am not familiar with.

Omron does link to P068-E1-01 as a reference guide. I did not get a chance to review it in full. I do see in the datasheet for the CJ2M-CPU13 it lists 4 programming language options. Ladder Logic (LD),
Sequential Function Charts (SFC), Structured Text (ST), and Instruction Lists (IL)

Thank you Robert, I’ll have a read through this reference guide.

Many thanks