Opposite ULN2803

ULN2803 is NPN darlington array. What is the PNP version of the same chip?

Someone may find different results or disagree with this suggestion, but I did not see a direct PNP version of the same IC (I used the Texas Instrument brand). It’s possible that a PNP equivalent may have a different label or description.

Part number UDN2981A-T is an example of this. This product is now obsolete, but using it as a reference, I made a short list of similar parts for review: [click here https://www.digikey.com/short/zv9522 ].

There are datasheet links next to most of the results that you can use to compare with the original ULN2803 document: [click here ULN2803 Datasheet ].

Hi sheon,

Bill’s right that there isn’t an exact “PNP” version of the ULN2803. However, the following options perform the essential function you are after:

Internally, each channel of these looks something like this:

Essentially, an NPN is used to turn on a PNP, which in turn, drives a high-side-referenced Darlington pair of NPN transistors.