Optical USB-cable U330F-50M-G1 not working

We have some issues with U330F-50M-G1 not working. According to the datasheet no drivers are required, it should just be plug and play.

Power to the device is supplied through the micro-USB connector. The device is not showing up in Windows device manager.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your inquiry.

The only thing that stands out is it says to plug the A-Male plug in first and then plug in the A-Female second.

Have you plugged anything into the A-Female side to see if you see that enumerate in Device Manager?

Thank you for your reply!

I did plug in the male end first and the female second.

Nothing shows up in the device manager when plugged in the female side, I have tried a nrf devkit aswell as a USB memory stick.

The only other thing I’m seeing is the device needs to be used with USB 3.0 devices on both sides. If you’ve confirmed that let us know, we can reach out about resolving this issue.

They have a nice little note on the datasheet…

USB 3.2 (3.1/3.0) ports required on
both connected devices. This cable
is not compatible with previous
USB generations.

Is both the upstream and downstream device a USB 3.0 hub or 3.0 device?

You can grab this windows tool to easily verify the USB device and port for 3.0 support, before plugging in your optical cable: USB Device Tree Viewer


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