p1110B chip

do you have any see through hole attachments so that this chip could be used on a breadboard please

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I do not see any see through socket IC adapters that would work for that IC to a breadboard in our system.

Here is a link to what we do have for socket IC adapters.


There is this possible breakout board that could work
It is part number PA0225-ND
The pitch of the chip looks to be .065" and this board is about 0.063".
The total width of the chip is .550" and the pads on the breakout board would be about 0.66" wide total.
here is the Datasheet with those dimensions
This would not be an exact idea, but is a possible option to go to a DIP solution.
The only thing is at the moment we do not have any in stock. You would have to order one to find out the correct lead time.