Perfboard pitch LM3886 mounting

Hi. I need to mount an LM3886 in a project for testing, production, etc. The datasheet indicates .067 (1.7mm) and .200 (5.08mm) dimensions describing the pitch and row spacing for the chip. Yet, Im having a difficult time finding any perfboards or breadboards (that I can then use as a prototype) with the proper hole spacing. Am I missing something simple? Along the same lines, are there any IC sockets out there that can handle more current than 3 amps? Thanks for any and all suggestions. David

Hello evsniagra, welcome to the Forum community!

I wasn’t able to find any adapters or perfboards to accomodate the spacing of the LM3886, so I put your question out to our internal forum, which goes out to all of our department, plus our Engineers. I received the following information (and I will post anything additional information I receive):

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I’ve used these boards with the LM3886. Not exactly what you are asking for, but that is an odd package to find sockets for.

Here’s additional information from one of our Engineers:
You wouldn’t want to use a solderless breadboard for something like this, even if it existed. It requires high-current capabilities, which pretty much eliminates any solderless breadboard options since they aren’t capable of conducting high current. For the same reason, IC sockets won’t work. A few transistor sockets can handle more than 3A, but this part requires many more pins, and we don’t have one with that pinout.

The options are to build your own board (with nice wide traces on the high-current paths), find a board designed for this part (Google shows quite a few), or buy an amplifier board with this part already soldered in (see also Google for options).