Small pitched prototyping components

On occasion we have customers in the beginning stages of their designs needing the tools to develop smaller pitched IC’s. Unfortunately we are at a stand still for finding prototyping boards and breadboards when dealing with the ICs whose pitch is smaller than standard 2.54mm.
We do have some similar smaller pitched products but the majority is focused on the 2.54mm pitch options, as shown here.

A great way we combat this is by offering a wide array of adapter and breakout boards.
This link here will bring you to those options; all of which are active and stocking, with nearly double that number if you include the nonstocking parts

These options shown in this link are easily plugged onto your typical bread boards

The best way we locate them is by selecting the package of the IC needed for the adapter. There are many instances we have come across where customers are able to make a close substitution for a different package adapter to get them out of a pinch or at least get them through developing until their production boards can be made. There is a filter for your convenience to search by pitch if needed as well.

In addition to the boards, we carry a selection of IC test clips that clip directly to the IC and make contact to its leads.

If the adapter boards and IC clips arent your thing, we have a wide variety of test hooks and grabbers that are more versatile and allow you to attach the clip to a lead on the smallest of surface mount IC’s where normal oscilloscope lead tips are too large and the probe handle is too bulky to access these leads.

Whatever your case may be, we are happy to assist in finding a solution.