Part ID

Requesting help identifying the transistor ? in the attached picture.
Markings on the IC are “25E18”.

The blown IC is from a NAS board which controls 4 SATA devices : NAS_1U04_MIDDLE_PLANE_V2.0

Thank you.

I am sorry I do not find a listing for this part marking.

Transistor’s a fair guess given the reference designator. There appears to be others left intact that a person could remove for testing to identify type, and some inference as to ratings could be drawn from the voltages involved.

Seems plausible that it’d be a P-channel FET used as a high-side switch for a nominal 12V power feed, driven through a ground-referenced N-type device via resistor divider (e.g. R131/3) to bring the drive voltage within Vgs limits common to the lower-voltage FETs.