Part Identification help - AC Power

Hi looking for the 120V cable that plugs into this 3 port plug for LED lighting.

Hello chwongris - welcome to the Forum. Can you tell me a little bit about your connector? Is there any marking on the connector, a manufacturer logo or numbering? Does your connector have female contacts, so that you are looking for a male or are the contacts male? What is the pitch of the connecter (the center of one contact to the center of the next contact)?

Thanks Jenny!

Not able to find any markings, I’d say the pitch is 4mm. Contacts are male so looking for the female contacts.

It looks like our selction on the 4mm pitch is limited to a Harwin offering, the size looks similar but the shape of the plugs isn’t right.

Do you have any indication of which Ecosense LED you have? This looks like a pretty close match to the picture you posted:

Digi-Key is not a distributor for Ecosense.

If this is the case, here is a link to the datasheet for it. It has been discontinued, but you might still be able to find parts for it.

Good luck!