Part identification

Can anyone help me with this part. Thank you

Welcome to the Digi-Key Technical Forum. Can you provide more information of what this connector is in or what it is used for. Any additional information might help. I did a few searches in some different areas and was not able to identify it.

This connector is out of a Ridgid 18v flashlight. I have been looking everywhere as to what this connector is called.

I would talk to someone that actually sells these flashlights. See if they provide any contact information. A lot of these companies do sell spare parts. I tried to do a search and did not find anything. It does not appear to be a standard part.

Well I’m just looking for a similar part. As I would like to buy several… buying the whole assembly from Ridgid doesn’t make economically sense. The main part I’m looking for is that female connector.

Very often these are custom made stampings and designed to work best for the custom molded plastic housing it goes into, and the specific production line that will assemble it.

Typically a simple custom stamped part like this will have a minimum purchase of only a 1000 or so pieces and when purchased in 100,000 piece lots can cost just a few pennies. So it’s one the areas where stock parts have never really caught on.

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Ridgid also has a Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA) if properly registered after purchase and this is effectively a lifetime warranty for their products. Since, Ridgid in the USA, is a Home Depots exclusive product many of their stores do servicing on-site but not all stores do. Checking on Ridgid’s website for which stores may have service centers would probably the best bet for getting help in fixing the flashlight.