Parts Identification - C64 Keyboard Connector/Harness

I am attempting to build a mechanical keyboard for the Commodore 64 based on this project at DIY MechBoard64 – and I am looking for the 1x20 female DuPont-like connectors/housings, wire, and crimped pieces to make a harness that will connect the 1x20 through-hole pin header on the motherboard of the Commodore 64 to the 1x20 right-angle pin headers of the mechanical keyboard PCB. I believe these are both 2.54mm pitch/footprint.

My goal is to build a keyboard cable harness with female connectors at both ends.

Perhaps 26 AWG jumper wire, 1x20 0.1" (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housings, and the Female Crimp Pins that will fit them?


For the right angled header 10129379-920001BLF-ND
The mate 609-2323-ND
Contacts for that housing 47649-000LF

Wire options for the 26AWG here
Any preferences in color or length?

Thank you Nathan. I am thinking black and 20 cm

And a quick question too Nathan, if the contacts for that houses under Cut Tape says, Qty, 1, 10, 25, 50, etc. If I order say, the 50…I’ll just get 50 contacts on a cut tape type of packaging, correct?

Correct; contacts of this type ship attached to the metal strip from which they were formed (idea shown below) which facilitates automated or mechanized application. Order a quantity in cut tape, we’ll cut that many off a reel & send 'em to ya.

In many cases, there is also a “bulk” part number for contacts such as this; these have been detached from the tape, and are found by many to be more convenient for non-production use.