PC pin sockets switches

Want to make a PCB board that incorporates this PC pin switch B23LP but would like to use sockets to be able to insert and remove the switch on the board. How do you go about selecting it’s associated Socket? is there a two, 6 position socket for these types of switches ? can I use regular square sockets that are used for pin headers?

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First off, your switch will not have the support brackets to worry about, so you will only need 6 pins for a socket. We do not have a 6 pin socket, as one unit, with the row spacing of 0.2".
You can use 2 separate sockets for the 3 pins, and space the sockets at the correct width.
Click here for ED11156-ND. If you attach them to the switch when they are being soldered into the board, that will ensure a good placement for removing and replacing the switch.
Some of the square pin headers, may not work with the 0.024" (0.6mm) round pins. If you look at other items, ensure they will work with the pins from the switch.

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Great, thank you for the quick reply and useful information.

Hi cool_djd,
You could also consider a pin receptacle connector for an improved mechanical strength due to low profile.