PCB design for switch SBH-01AMT74N

I only see a switch circuit design with through hole (2 layer) design. Do we have single layer PCB design reference for this tactile switch?

Part number: SBH-01AMT74N
Manuf: [Mitsumi Electric Company Ltd]

Hello, welcome to the TechForum. I am sorry at this time we have no design reference to offer.

The switch in question appears to have an outer contact that forms a full circle of contact with the PCB, compared to some other designs where the contact is segmented, as in the below image.

I’m not aware of any good methods for implementing a non-segmented snap dome like the one mentioned using a single-layer PCB: geometrically, there’s no way to route a trace to the inner contact that isn’t reliant on some sort of insulation that will be abraded by the switch.