PCB libarary for MCE10US15

I need the PCB library for the component MCE10US15. I have checked it on multiple websites, but no one has it. Please let me know how I can find the same.

Note: Checked through the following companies:

  1. Digikey
  2. Element14
  3. rscomponents
  4. ultra librarian

Hello eez178180, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
If nobody has one for this component, you may have to make your own.
Maybe one of the engineers that monitor the TechForum, can add to this post, with a better idea.

When you say PCB Library I am assuming you mean the symbol, footprint, and 3D model. Please correct me if that assumption is incorrect.

If that assumption is correct we have the symbol and footprint courtesy of UltraLibrarian here: MCE10US15 EDA | CAD 3D Model Download | Digikey however they do not yet have a 3D model.

If it is a 3D model you are after they have them on their website about halfway down on the following page under the features section.

MCE10 Series Power Product Range | XP Power

If you need a schematic of the internal parts of the power supply itself you will need to contact XP Power to see if they will release this information to you.

If it is something else please clarify what you are looking for exactly and we will see if we can find the information.