Pin-2-Pin Comparison onsemi vs ADI

Pin-to-Pin Comparison onsemi vs ADI

Parameter Units NCS20166 AD8605ARTZ-R2
Manufacturer onsemi Analog Devices Inc.
Supply Voltage Range V 3 to 5.5 2.7 to 5.5
Quiescent Current (max) mA 1.55 1.4
Gain Bandwidth (typ) MHz 10 10
Input Offset Voltage (max @ 25°C) µV ±550 ±75+
Offset Voltage Drift (max) µV/°C 5 4.5
Input Bias Current (max @ 25°C) pA 1 1
CMRR (typ) dB 92 90
PSRR (typ) dB 89 90
AVOL (typ) dB 120 120
Noise 0.1 to 10Hz µVpp 3 2.3
Voltage Noise Density @1kHz nV/√Hz 10 8
Settling Time to 0.01% µs 1 1
Slew Rate (average of rise/fall) V/µs 4-Jun 5

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