Pin labels on Ultra Librarian preset symbols overlap with pins

Is there a way to edit the Ultra Librarian preset symbols? For me, the right-side pins always have the labels overlapping with the pins. This is an example with the LM2596S-ADJ/NOPB symbol. This is not an issue with custom symbols, but I don’t want to have to remake a symbol.

Try the above link.

Thanks for your reply. I can try contacting them, but are you sure it’s not an issue on the Scheme-it side? In the part info, their symbol shows up normally. I’m not sure whether Scheme-it imports symbols from Ultra Librarian and converts it to their software.

@ha3 - Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll pass the issue on to the Scheme-it team to look into.

@ha3 - Thank you for your patience. The pin naming location issue for Ultra Librarian symbols in Scheme-it has been resolved. You should now be able to insert the symbols without the name overlapping the pin connection points and wires on the right side.

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Thank you for letting me know! I see it is indeed now fixed for LM2596S-ADJ/NOPB. However, I also had the IPS2050HQ-32 in my schematic, and I see that it still has the pin label overlap issue, even when I add in the symbol again. Was it just fixed for the LM2596S-ADJ/NOPB, or all Ultra Librarian symbols?

The issue was fixed for a large portion of the Ultra Librarian symbols. The team is still reviewing the library for cases that are still rendering incorrectly.

When adding IPS2050HQ-32 to a project, it loads correctly for me. Can you confirm this is the same part?

Ah I see. Yes, this is what I see on my end

Can you try refreshing your browser or checking in an incognito window?

Yes, I’ve verified that it still happens for both of those

@ha3 - The team is working to reproduce and resolve this. In the meantime, we have added a couple symbol options to the library for part number IPS2050HQ-32.