Pin no connect symbol?


For no-connect pins, is there an “x” symbol to place on the pins to show they aren’t to be connected?


There is no common schematic symbol for no connect. It is generally accepted that a pin that is not connected in a schematic would be no connect.

If you need a label on your schematic you can add a Pin or Port to your schematic and then label that NC. The pins and ports are located under “Schematic Symbols” and then in the “Ports” section.

Once you have selected your symbol you can name the symbol and click in the checkbox to display that name.
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If you are merely creating a graphical schematic to reference, Roberts advice will serve you well.

If you are exporting your schematic to KiCad and want it to pass ERC, you will have to add the no-connect X in KiCad as I don’t believe we have one in Scheme-It yet. I will pass this on to our developers to look at adding a solution in Scheme-It that will export properly to KiCad.

Thank you for posting your question and helping us refine Scheme-It!

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