Show Connection/NO connection on schematic diagram

How can I show that wires/lands on my schematic do NOT connect? In other words, when lines on schematic cross, how can I indicate there is – or is NOT – a connection? I am used to seeing a ‘bridge’ over non-connecting intersections. Or solid ‘big dot’ showing that these lines DO connect. Even Google has not helped. Perhaps I am using incorrect terminology.


In Scheme-it and all other ECAD programs I’ve used, a dot on a cross or a tee indicates a connection, no dot indicates no connection. A tee with no dot is a connection error.


Thanks, Paul… but how do I put a dot on the tee? I’ve found no symbol (‘dotted’ tee’) to use.

Again, thanks for your reply. I have used ‘dotted tees’ before. Just don’t know how to do it in Scheme-it.

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Paul… thanks, young man. I got it! I appreciate your willingness to help!!

You’re welcome

I wish, had my 62nd birthday last year :grinning:

I too have this question , but your reply with the answer is missing, did someone erase it? How can Imake a dot where lines cross? Thanks

My Jan 29th answer is still showing for me:

Are you clicking on an existing net (line)? If so, it should create a junction dot.

As for

It’s best to not ‘cross’ lines where you want a junction, but rather offset them to make it crystal clear to anyone reading your schematic that you definitely intend for all 4 lines to be part of the same Net, like so…


Not for me, I do not have that luxury and I am logged in, can you share the answer with me please? Many many thanks and blessings if you can😊

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That was clearly sufficient for sfrvn, perhaps your question isn’t the same as what is in the opening post.