Questions about drawing lines

I’m drawing an HVAC control circuit consisting of components such as pumps and thermostats that are connected with 120 VAC, 26 VAC, transformers, relays and switches. I’m using transformers, relays and switches from schematic symbols, as well as basic shapes to represent components.

I’m really struggling with the lines. For example, I used an ellipse to represent a pump and a spst switch to represent an aquastat. If I start a line from the switch, it has square corners and the type is “net”. This line type has different properties, such as when multiple of the are joined, the joint is a dot. If I start a line from an ellipse, it has different properties, including round corners, and these lines don’t join the same way. I would like all of the lines to have the same properties, such as all square or all round corners.

I would also like to depict connections of different color lines, such as black to white, I can’t seem to draw a line without drawing both ends.

How do I draw a free standing line that I can connect each end as I draw objects, as well as join two lines together? Is there a FAQ somewhere?

Thank you.

Does anyone have a comment about this?

Hi, are you using Scheme-it? This might help. Glenda

Good day,

Scheme-it has a few different ‘modes of operation’. You can use it to draw schematics and yes, the lines generated between two schematic symbols will be a Net. They can be made to be different colors and have different dashed patterns, like so…

All other shapes are treated like items for drawing a ‘flow chart’ and things connected to them become ‘Lines’ can be altered in the same way as a net, but can also have different endpoints…

The work-around I use to have a free standing line is to grab a Port under Schematic Symbols. Port Node and PIN Right are some of my favorites…

A bit of a pain, but it gives you the properties of Nets…

I hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for the suggestion of the port and pin for free-standing lines.

It’s unfortunate that the system doesn’t treat the two types of lines as line properties, so the user can select them as required. It looks awkward to have two different types of lines in the drawing.

Is there a way to join two or more lines together end-to-end? There are two reasons for this. One is so I can depict wire connectors (e.g., twist-on connectors). The other reason is so I can depict the connection of different wire colors. The boiler has blue leads that need to be connected to black leads on the relays. I also have some 120 VAC series circuits with black wires connected to white wires. It would be ideal if it was possible to use a dot to depict a connection.

Since you are purely using this for graphical representation, you can connect 2 lines to 2 different ports and then move the ports together (use the arrows once you select the port to move it easily)…