Please help find this QFN IC Chip WDHC8TD


This is for WD hard drive PCB power supply IC

I searched by name and number of the piece, I did not find anything

Please if you find anything similar to this let me know where to find it


![wd2|484x500](upload://kgabkCGNqx6K4KbmMsrMX5G6UIl.jpeg) ![wd3|543x500](upload://4jt4V7TvGfjVnbcPpROOdhQTZpz.jpeg)


We do not carry part number WDHC8TD. Unfortunately we do not have anything similar to offer.

I know you don’t have it
but where can I find it, are the components of PCB for hard disk here available In which section I search

In my search, I find this part for sale, I not sure if the part comes from a valid source.
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