PLEASE, help me identify these connectors

I’m going a little crazy looking at pictures etc but I need to be able to connect to all of these connectors. I need to adapt a control system to 1,000’s of these.

These are connectors on a LTO6 tape drive.

The most important connector is iADT 10 pin that I’d like to break out into RJ45


Thank you for any help and have a brilliant day!


Hi Mike,

According to the Technical reference, the connector codes are:

  • ACI/ADI: 1254-1095
  • iADT: 1254-0750
  • Serial port: 1253-7293
  • Fan: 53780-0670

The codes are HP’s internal stock codes that are not publicly cross-referenced. You may need to ask HPE for the mating connector’s OEM code.

According to information provided by Oracle:

HP LTO 5 and 6 drives are the only generations that are shipped with native Ethernet port. The port on the drive end is actually an iADT port, which needs a special converter cable, which comes with each library drive tray, to convert the connector to RJ45 connection.

Which suggests that you can perhaps purchase the converter cable from HPE.


Wow, thank you so much more for your help!

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