Please help me to identify this mezzanine connector

I have a broken socket on a PCB of mine. The part in question is a surface mount, 50 pin mezzanine-style connector divided in two 25 pin groupings with a pitch of about .3 to .5mm.

What do I need to search for to find such a grouped-up connector?

non-broken socket


“Mezzanine” is a keyword that’ll point you pretty quickly to the product family where connectors of the sort are found. Filtering for pin count and pitch should drastically cut down the number of options, and mounting type may take you a bit further toward a realistic number of product images to look at in search of one that seems like a match.

Is there any special term for this division into two smaller blocks?

On all websites I could find a pretty broad filter (like 50 positions and just one row) narrows the results down to few enough to go through one by one. Sadly I wasn’t able to find anything like my connector.

The closest call I got so far:
The mounting mechanism looks a bit like this one: Kyocera 245861050004829+ Datasheet

You can look at this link:

The pitch you list of about .3 to .5mm is going to cause issues. They come in all the different pitch options.