Please Help, Not sure which Transistor to order

I Have a Triac board that has several problem components. RES900_TRIAC_BOARD RPBBV199820 I’m unable to find any schematics online.

Printed information on the components
Transistor = 201 - 6E BJ 720
TRIAC Alternistor = BTA06T - 600CW GK01P VU CHN 810 (BRAND ST)

Thanks in advance for any and everyone’s help.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I think the triac is 497-14177-5-ND on this link:

I just have not been able to identify the transistor. Though hopefully someone wil recognize it. Sorry.


The TRIAC is close to this one too:
Can’t recognize the BJ720. Sorry.

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Still looking for a part to replace the Transistor = 201 - 6E BJ 720.

Hello @ClelandRL,

I believe that part marking is for BTA201-600E. This part is “out of stock”. But, We have an 800V version available, the BTA201-800ER,116.

Note: the 800v rating is the maximum voltage rating. The higher voltage rating would not affect the circuit. I would not go lower on the voltage/current ratings if the specifications of the circuit are not known.



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Thanks @Jeff_Aberle, I went ahead and ordered this part that you recommended. That part rely confused me and i hope we found something that will work. I thought it was something completely different.

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