Please Help, Not sure which Transistor to order

I Have a Triac board that has several problem components. RES900_TRIAC_BOARD RPBBV199820 I’m unable to find any schematics online.

Printed information on the components
Transistor = 201 - 6E BJ 720
TRIAC Alternistor = BTA06T - 600CW GK01P VU CHN 810 (BRAND ST)

Thanks in advance for any and everyone’s help.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I think the triac is 497-14177-5-ND on this link: BTA06T-600CWRG STMicroelectronics | Discrete Semiconductor Products | DigiKey

I just have not been able to identify the transistor. Though hopefully someone wil recognize it. Sorry.


The TRIAC is close to this one too:
Can’t recognize the BJ720. Sorry.

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Still looking for a part to replace the Transistor = 201 - 6E BJ 720.

Hello @ClelandRL,

I believe that part marking is for BTA201-600E. This part is “out of stock”. But, We have an 800V version available, the BTA201-800ER,116.

Note: the 800v rating is the maximum voltage rating. The higher voltage rating would not affect the circuit. I would not go lower on the voltage/current ratings if the specifications of the circuit are not known.



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Thanks @Jeff_2258, I went ahead and ordered this part that you recommended. That part rely confused me and i hope we found something that will work. I thought it was something completely different.

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New update. seem like this was not the fix or the mystery parts didn’t work. still having problems with my coffee maker. If anyone have any other ideas what Transistor = 201 - 6E BJ 720.

Hi ClelandRL,
This is a tough one, you may have to test which functions of the coffee maker do and don’t work in order to point you in the direction of what part of the circuitry is malfunctioning. From there you may have to acquire a schematic of the board to know what the exact parts would be, as I am not sure they would have two different triac packaging types on the same board.

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help as of now on this.


I have tested everything. The three components in total is the problem. the last component is BJ720 that no one know what it is. I have replaced it with another one on the board and that function works so i know 100% it’s down to this last part. Also Breville will not give out the schematic. So Still in need of this part.

Hi @ClelandRL,

It is quite sure that the mystery component is the BTA201, that Jeff found, either the second sourced (WeEn) or original NXP part, which are identical. The 800V version should work. Note that the on-board TRIAC is “E” type and the one DigiKey stocks, is “ER” type, that is, has opposite pin orientation, so the one that you purchased should be rotated 180 degrees around Z-axis.

heke, AsamaLab