Need help finding the proper part number on a couple triac components

Hello mcamos67, welcome to the Forum Community. It looks like the first item is Q817C. The second photo may be Q6016LH6TP, you’ll want to verify it’s the same type of package (This is a TO-220) and the last part looks like BTA06T-600CWRG. Each of these parts is in stock.

Thanks for quick response. Hoping to get these ordered asap. Just have a couple questions. You said the 2nd photo looked like Q6016LH6TP When I looked at that Triac on your site, I also saw this one. Q6015L6TP Which one is the one that I need? Also, have one more photo that was not sent in original message. Please send me a part # for that one. Also, the Q817C is that a compatible or the original part number. Thanks again for all your help.

Hi, you are right - it looks like your part IS the Q6015L6TP rather than the one I gave you. Your part is the standard part and the one I gave you is the snubberless. Here is a Side-by-side comparison of the two parts. Your last photo I believe is an Everlight part, which you can order from us, but we do not have in stock. We do have a similar part from Lite-On: MOC3063. This is not an exact equivalent, so you will want to compare the datasheets to verify this substitute will work for your application. Here is the datasheet from the Everlight EL3063

Okay, I am about to order. I just have one final concern. Moc3063 vs EL3063. There are a couple values that are slightly different. How long would it take to order the EL3063 compared to the MOC3063? I just don’t know enough about this stuff to know if it will work without any issues. Thanks

One more question. Is the top picture this one FOD817C or is the Q817C a better match? Thanks much.

I compared both and they are very similar. It is hard to say if it will work or not. Theer are a few differences. It looks like it should. Though tit depends on the design of the whole circuit. There are differences in a few parameters like the forward voltage. Though that is listed as typical and could vary a little bit. It is going to be your best option unless you can find the original part. For my opinion it is close to at least try it. The
EL3063 has a 22 week lead time and a minimum of 195 pieces on the website. It is very hard knowing if the values that are slightly different will work . It would depend on the original circuit design.

The part should be the Q817C as this is what is stamped on the part.

Thanks for help on that Verna. Can you tell me if the Q817C or FOD817C is a better match for this? Or something entirely different?

? Thanks much.

Oh thanks. I just don’t see the “Q” anywhere.

Well I agree. Sorry. Not sure them as there is no logo. I looked at the data sheets and not clear on the marking if it is even either one. Then it almost looks like 8170 as I am not sure of that is a C at the end. That is where I was getting the C . Trying to repair something with just part markings can be tricky if not impossible . You will have to go with what you think. Otherwise try one of each.

Okay, after a lot of digging I found one that looks identical. LTV-817-C You don’t have any in stock. Is there a cross reference that will work 100%? Found a couple of photos on different websites. This is the most close up I could find. Looks exact to me. LTV-817-C LITEON - Optocoupler | THT; Ch: 1; OUT: transistor; Uinsul: 5kV; Uce: 35V; DIP4 | TME - Electronic components

Hello @mcamos67,

A possible option would be QT Brightek (QTB) part number Q817C. Here is the datasheet Q816 ( to review.

Thank you!


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