Portserver TS 2P MEI

Hello, I connected the Portserver to a network port that has both data and POE, both lights are blinking so seems to be working, however when I connect a network cable to connect a device to it nothing is happening, I tried checking the connection by hooking up my laptop and there is no data activity, do I need to change anything on the configuration of the DIP switches? The current configuration has pin 1 ON and pins 2-4 OFF on both ports. I forgot to include that the MAC address is not showing.


Have you referenced the quick start guide for the device? It gives reference to the discovery utility used for setup and configuration, describes switch settings, gives pin assignments for the serial device connections, etc.

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thanks for the reply, let me try your suggestion because I did not know that we needed to do something, I thought we just need to plug it and that it was going to be ready, thanks

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All the documentation including Quick Start Guide and Manual that shows how to configure IP Addresses is Located Here

thank you, excuse my ignorance but for the DIP switch settings, when should I use EIA-232, EIA-422/485 full duplex or EIA-485 half duplex? Thanks

Here is a good write up of EIA-232 and EIA-422/485