Power converter Recommendation 240/50Hz in 120/60Hz out 500W

Can anyone recommend a din rail mountable power converter that does 240/50Hz in and 120/60Hz out at 500W?

Is there a known reason that the output must be 60 Hz? To change frequency like that is a much more complex task than simply using a transformer such as a 175-0F (or perhaps M4L-2-6 if isolation is required) to change the voltage.

Many (most?) applications designed for 120V/60Hz can operate quite nicely from 50Hz, albeit in some cases with changes in behavior due to lower motor speeds etc. While neither of those above is DIN mountable per-se, for one-off applications it seems likely that a person could make do with a cheap DIN bracket intended for other purposes (example) and a few screws.

I wasn’t able to get confirmation that the device could operate at another frequency until a moment ago and wanted to explore my options.