Power Supply for Display

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Im looking to group 10 of these displays together with an Arduino, can an Arduino handle the power of these displays?

I have requested the power information from the Product Specialist and will provide the information as soon as I receive it.

LCD displays use power in the low microamp range.

Using the estimating formula from this site:
LCD Current Consumption for a custom segment display - Focus LCDs.

The LCD current consumption of a segment LCD module at normal operating temperature is between 1.2uA/square cm to 1.5uA per square cm.

I suspect if you did the calculation, you’d find you can power hundreds of these on an Arduino without a problem.

Edited to add:
Got the calculation bug and decided to do a rough estimate.
segments ~ 1.2 cm x 5.9 cm = 7.1 cm2
x 7 segments = 49.7 cm2
x 1.5uA/cm2 = 75uA per display module

Arduino max current @ 5V = 400mA = 400,000uA
400,000uA / 75uA = 5333 displays

I was way off, an Arduino has enough power to drive thousands of these jumbo 7-segment LCD digits.

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