PowerPC 604e Part Numbering

I’m seeing the following IBM 604e in DigiKey and wanted to know what is good replacement for a Motorola XPC604ERX200PE:


From the datasheets, there seems to be at least 2 varieties of 604e and not sure which ones these are for the above listing?
PID9v-604e → Core Voltage = 2.5V.
PID9q-604e → Core Voltage = 1.8V.

XPC604ERX200PE seems to be the PID9v-604e

This has a good summary:

I’m looked at some datasheets but haven’t figured out exactly what all the letters in the part number is meaning for the IBM ones above. The IBM PID9q-604e datasheet is here but not showing everything on page 28 in the part numbers above .

Motorola ones are here but has some references to IBM as well:

Hello powerpc - welcome to the Forum.
You mentioned that you are looking for an equivalent for XPC604ERX200PE. Unfortunately, we don’t have an equivalent to offer for that part. The IBM parts that you listed, are part of the Digi-key Marketplace program. With the Marketplace products, we only have the information that the supplier gives us, in this case we don’t have the datasheets . We don’t have any further technical information on these products, so unfortunately, we can’t tell you what the letters in the parts indicate. Marketplace parts can only be ordered online and they ship directly from the supplier. You’ll need to determine whether or not the IBM parts are appropriate for your application. You may be able to get more information from the supplier, in this case Rochester Electronics.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried to contact Rochester Electronics and they have yet gotten back to me (been over a week). For anybody looking for some information, I did find this datasheet that seems to be the correct one: https://happytrees.org/files/chips/datasheets/datasheet-IBM-PPC604e2.pdf.

So these part numbers look like 2nd Generation. The only thing that I have not found is the last few characters that probably have something to do with the bus divider and application condition (page 31 of datasheet above).