Practical Electronics for Inventors Book Review

Practical Electronics for Inventors, is a review on electronics components and theory. The book in written in a way for people who are unfamiliar with electronics will still be able to understand the content. The section I found most helpful was the components section. The book explained the uses of the components and the different types. For example, the book explained the resistor function, and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of resistors.

Even though the sections on theory is condensed, it is an excellent review or helps people unfamiliar with electronics find ideas of topics they can study more thoroughly.
I recommend this book for people who want to have a review of electronics in an easy to understand format.
This is the (condensed) content of Practical Electronics for Inventors.
Chapter 1 Introduction to Electronics Pg. 1
Chapter 2 Theory Pg. 5
Chapter 3 Basic Electronic Circuit Components Pg. 253
Chapter 4 Semiconductors Pg. 401
Chapter 5 Optoelectronics Pg. 495
Chapter 6 Sensors Pg. 525
Chapter 7 Hands on Electronics Pg. 551
Chapter 8 Operational Amplifiers Pg. 635
Chapter 9 Filters Pg. 663
Chapter 10 Oscillators and Timers Pg. 683
Chapter 11 Voltage regulators and power supplies Pg. 699
Chapter 12 Digital Electronics Pg. 717
Chapter 13 Microcontrollers Pg. 843
Chapter 14 Programmable Logic Pg. 897
Chapter 15 Motors Pg. 933
Chapter 16 Audio Electronics Pg. 947
Chapter 17 Modular Electronics Pg. 963
Appendix A Power Distribution and home wiring Pg. 973
Appendix B Error Analysis Pg. 979
Appendix C Useful Facts and Formulas Pg. 983

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I can confirm this is an excellent book, it talks about things not usually covered in typical classroom settings.