Printing with raspberry pi 4B

I wanted to know if the adafruit thermal printers listed on the website, can print through the raspberry pi 4B. Does it come with drivers for the ARM64 architecture of Raspberry pi. Raspberry pi is linux based.
Thank you for your help in advance!


It’s helpful to have reference to specific items, so as to be sure that folks on both sides of the screen are looking at the same products.

Most such peripherals can be made to work with a Pi; the degree of (in)convenience involved is variable. You’d need to verify whether or not the peripheral’s I/O voltage is compatible with the Pi’s or not, and adapt if needed. There is typically no software/driver co-packaged with such devices; if provided for a given platform, it would typically be accessible via the supplier’s website. If not provided by the device supplier for one’s platform of choice, there may be open-source resources elsewhere that could be used or adapted for the task.

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HI @daryl_thomas which Adafruit Thermal printer are you looking at? The TTL editions currently have some issues based on:


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1528-2480-ND - ( This is the device I am currently looking at.
I found that adafruit has its own python library to print that can be installed. It has classes defined for each version of the device. I am not sure which version the printer listed on is and whether the mini thermal printer(597) and the tiny thermal printer(2751) work the same and how many prints will they last?

@RobertCNelson The warning message says python library is the only option, and I would prefer the python library since the rest of my object detection is running on python, so I need to print a recipt at the end of a detection session.

@rick_1976 I had actually bought a cashino thermal printer that I had gotten working directly with an atmega. it has support for linux but I am still trying to get that to work with the raspberry pi. They have drivers for linux but they arent working in pi, and I am currently trying to debug and find a fix. I tried certain open source libraries including ZJ-58(Zianging) but they too arent printing anything sensible. Meanwhile I urgently have to deliver 4 machines to a client by 15th November, so I am looking for one directly compatible with the pi which I can sort oo plug and play.