Problem with new tech article

Tactile or pushbutton?

Two types of switches that often get mixed up or have their names used interchangeably are tactile and pushbutton switches. While similar in nature and function, pushbutton switches operate by depressing an actuator a specified travel distance to start the flow of current and stop the flow of current by depressing it again. In contrast, tactile switches start/stop the flow of current when the actuator is pushed and held with minimal actuator travel.

Although some pushbuttons can operate as momentary action switches, …

While what was written may be true for CUI’s specific current line of push button switches it is far from correct in general. Even in the present day when tactile switches have displaced much of the momentary push button market, momentary still accounts for 62% of the push button switches available today.

Last century when tactile switches were still very unreliable, the vast majority of push button switches were momentary (guess >80%).

To me the main important differentiator is that push button switches use traditional switch contact mechanisms and tactile switches use membrane switch type contacts.


I’d agree that the referenced paragraph appears to go into the weeds by virtue of indicating bistable function rather than contact mechanics as the distinguishing factor between the indicated product types.

Thank you for pointing this out; I’ll mention it to the appropriate folks and see about getting the matter corrected.