Problems with the Properties in PADS MakerPro Schematic

I am a very new user, and I am having trouble accessing Properties.

I am running Maker Pro 2.0 on a 64-bit Intel NUC8i7HNK with Windows 10 Enterprise.

So far, I have been able to install the software, and find and place parts using PartsQuest.
The Properties Window I get when I right-click on a component or sheet is blank or broken. An example is attached. It has two vertical columns of what look like check boxes, with no text. I can click on the right boxes to make the text visible, but the left boxes are dead. If I resize the window, the text goes away. Scrolling doesn’t work at all. Behavior is the same for Floating, Docking, and Tabbed.

I have noticed another graphics quirk: I did a clean install today, and the Install (and Uninstall) windows seem to be undersized by a factor of four, like a postage stamp in the middle of my screen.

What are your settings for the Display? Is the size of the text set to 100% in Windows Settings Display?

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Hello Gary,

The text size was set to 225%. Changing it to 100% (and rebooting) did not fix or change the problem, but did make the text microscopic.

Thanks for your interest.

What is your resolution set to on Display settings?


Here are my current display settings:

I have set the scaling to 100, 150 (recommended), and 200 (best for me) without fixing the problem.
I always reboot after a change.