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Do you have the frequency transmissibility curves for this vibration absorber?

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I have sent a request, for this information, to our product manager.
I will let post what information I get back.

Further information about the properties of the compliant material would appear to be linked from the manufacturer’s product page for the companion part with carbon rather than stainless hardware. (See the “resilience characteristics” and “plastic characteristics” links)

I rather doubt that a detailed characterization of transmissive properties as a function of frequency would be available; that’d be a level of scrutiny not commonly found on parts of this sort selling for $1 each.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I did check those docs, not much there. I was scrolling through the dIgikey catalog looking for any of these bumpers with a known curve, and didn’t have much luck.

352 (1).pdf (155.5 KB)

Please see the attached for the information requested. The supplier highlighted it in yellow.

The highlighted line is for a static load applied axially, which is different from what I’m hoping to find, which is the transmissibility curves over frequency. I’m hoping to get a plot of vibration frequency vs magnitude of transmission like in the following image from