Murata Ceramic Filters

Looking for this ceramic filter. Anyone know how to read the markings? I couldn’t find them in any of the datasheets.

Also looking for this one. Markings on it are different from the one above.


Looks a lot like the (obsolete) CFUxxx series products. I’m not seeing much for mark lookup info in the available lit either.

Does this address your need, or do you require a definite ID on these?

Thank you @rick_1976 !

If there is a way to test them and figure out what values they are, I may be able to find alternatives. Any ideas there?

Unfortunately I don’t have a BOM or diagram for this board as I’m just trying to repair it. Looks like TGS makes similar footprint and value models but I’m at a loss on how to figure out what replacement to source.

Any additional insights would be greatly appreciated!

The most obvious way to test would be to use the indicated test circuit and compare to published product specifications.

But that only really works if the part 'aint broke, and if it 'aint broke it doesn’t need to be fixed. (insert colorful comment about fixing the unbroken here…)

I’ll pass the images on and see if we can’t get a positive ID for ya.

Yeah that’s the issue. The one I need to replace is broken. I have a few boards but they all have the same part broken. Apparently they don’t stand up well to being knocked over.

Thanks for the help! If you do happen to find out if there’s a way to read those markings that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again @rick_1976

Update: The device marked X50 has been ID’d as CFUKG450KG1X-R0, the other as CFUKF450KB4X-R0.